High Line remastered

Hello my friends.

After months of silence about my music…
I’m back with a new version of my album High Line Park.


This album was originally released in 2014. But at that time, I wasn’t very happy with the sound.

For some reasons I decided in 2016 to move on from Logic Pro and make a fresh start on a digital audio workstation learned in school : Pro Tools.

It was really disturbing in the beginning after years spent on Logic Pro.

But rediscover Pro Tools was refreshing and very educational.
I have spent hours and hours on mixing tutorials, videos and in the reading of the Pro Tools manual.

I started to be very attracted to the mixing techniques rather than create new tracks. I bought some Waves and Slate Digital plug ins, and I immediately began to use all these virtual EQs, Compressors, and SSL consoles emulations to produce my own ’In The Box’ mix.
Like if I had a professional console and studio in my possession, at least in “my head” or rather in my computer.

To try these new tools I began with tracks that I had already made. So, one thing leading to another, I did a new mix on every track of my previous album : High Line Park.

I didn’t touch on the composition, except the track High Line who deserved new beats programmation. I shortened some tracks and changed the original playlist order.

It results from it a better, louder and clearer mix and mastering for a more homogeneous album.
This is my definitive edition of this one, I believe.
I hope my goal is reached and that you will appreciate the record as I always wanted it to be.

Happy listening and relaxing,



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Weird But Good Sunday Night (in no particular order…)


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Above Yourself Volume 18

Hello folks, I have just uploaded my last mixtape on Mixcloud, Feel free to take a listen. Happy summer to you.

Tracklist :

Mark Snow – UFO Technology

Phume – So Many Times

Billy Idol – Adam In Chains

Barbell – Never Too Much

Nelly Furtado – Phoenix

Beck – Round The Bend

The House Of Love – Portrait In Atlanta

Grant-Lee Phillipps – Smoke And Sparks

Jason Loewenstein – New Rocker

Future Islands – Fall From Grace

Portico Quartet – Window Seat

Saafi Brothers – The Witness

Norman Feller – Northern Lights

Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene (Part 15)

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30 seconds Tutorial

roland-ju-06-1809070How to synchronize your Roland Ju-06 step sequencer with ProTools First (or another Boutique module).

You need to put the MIDI clock Source of your module on [AUTO].

Hold [MANUAL]+[3] and choose [1] for [AUTO] ([2] is for [INTERNAL] midi clock)

Your little « Boutique » is ready, so let’s take a look at Pro Tools now.

Go to « Setup » —> « MIDI Beat Clock » and click to « Enable » MIDI beat Clock for… « Boutique ».

Press Play on Pro Tools and your step sequencer will start and play at the right tempo.

That’s all Folks.




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Some joyful noise recordings featuring Emmet the Pig

Probably a good way to start my holidays next week. Jason Lowenstein from sebadoh drops a new solo album and off course this is really cool.

For now the entire album is streaming in full on the link below.


« Making great sounding records instead of worrying about how much I paid for microphones – since 2002 » Jason Loewenstein

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Trance 90s

Discogs avec des liens youtube c’est un peu comme fouiller dans un vieux bac à vinyl.


Cela me remémore mes heures passer à Techno Import en plein mois d’août, à faire ma sélection, sortir les vinyls des bacs, prendre ma pile et m’installer à une platine. Ensuite allumer ma clope (au moins ça c’est fini…) et enfin écouter ma sélection.


Vingts après c’est un peu magique de retrouver des vieux morceaux grâce à internet et pourquoi pas les commander en 2,3 clics… Cela dit, Il faudrait que je refasse un tour à Paname un de ces quatre.


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Sonic Temple

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The Art Of Trance

Bonus :

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A Good Read


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Black Rain


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